Overcome challenges, improve what works

Our focus at Wixstar is doing our part in enabling people be the best version of themselves. For our customers, that means using our app and underlying technologies to take care of their hair and nails. For our service providers, that means enabling them to focus on what they love best—making people look amazing—without spending valuable time and energy on administrative tasks.

We work hard to remove anything that gets in the way of our customers, hair stylists and nail artists. Through the Wixstar app, customers can pick a stylist or artist from their favorites or select a new one, then pick the service and book now or schedule for later. Stylists and artists manage their own schedule to pick the hours they want to work in a way that works for their lives. We take care of the rest to facilitate and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Many amazing people work behind the scenes to make it all possible. We focus on our providers and customers to remove pain points while implementing new ideas to make everything work better and better over time. Give us a try.