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The best German dating app Parship dating app The best free dating app in is from Parship.They have the best rated dating app in the app store.You can easily apply on the Parship platform and start using their free dating app.The dating app can come in handy if just have met a good looking single online and you want to answer him or her every moment.You can now apply online via laptop or tablet and download the app later- this makes it easier for your to sign-up for Parship.Lovescout dating app Lovescout has an excellent dating app, which enables you to browse singles, view profiles and see photos.You can get free exclusive mobiles features if you sign-up to Lovescout.They have a broad audience with members from all different social classes, which enables you to chat with almost everyone.The app is well-rated in the app store and it is one of the fastest dating apps in the app store.Also, Lovescout has more than 1 million active singles in Germany alone, and it is therefore relatively easy to find a like-minded single on the go!How to date in Germany Once you have found the right German dating site it is important to be well prepared once you have a real date.There are a lot of different dating sites in Germany and it is important to know which of the profiles on those dating sites fit to you.You will need to know beforehand what you want to achieve with a date; do you want a serious relationship, a casual relationship or only sex?It is important to be clear about your intentions, otherwise you will be both wasting your time.Dating in Germany can be difficult for a foreigner at first.You can be straightforward at times, but it depends on where you live.If you live in bigger cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne you can be more straightforward than when you live in a smaller village.It is important for Germans to meet face to face.We would therefore strongly advise you to meet singles online, but invite them for a real date soon afterwards.The more time people spend chatting on the internet, the higher the expectations and the disappointment can be.Most importantly; just be yourself.