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Tamoxifen 20 mg

-it is a selective estrogen blocker

-it prevents "gyno" while you use aromatizing steroids

-can increase the amount of testosterone that your body makes by stimulating LH production

-great choice for PCT

Buy Tamoxifen - the best anti-estrogen!

Tamoxifen - a medication propecia - that has strongly pronounced anti-estrogen effect. Originally used to treat breast cancer in women. Later found wide application in bodybuilding.

Tamoxifen in bodybuilding take together with anabolic steroids to prevent phenomena of feminization.

Steroid use leads to the fact that the athlete's body accumulates large amounts of estrogen that can lead to gynecomastia, accumulation of body fluids and the deposition of fat in the subcutaneous tissue. To protect the athlete from such unpleasant phenomena is intended tamoxifen.

Tamoximed, instructions for use.

Taking tamoxifen regularly for an extended time. The dosage of the drug should be selected based on the individual characteristics of the organism.

The daily dose of tamoxifen should not exceed 20-40 mg. The optimal dose is 20 mg per day for a long time. This is best done in the morning or in the morning and in the evening in 2 divided doses.

Athletes who are prone to strong accumulation of water in the body and easy to have problems with the mammary gland should apply Tamoximed for any steroid cycle for preventive purposes.

And those who have already low levels of fat, enjoy using Tamoximed markedly improved muscle density. Some willingly taking the drug at the end of the steroid course since he increases the production own testosterone

Tamoximed. side effects.

Like many drugs, tamoxifen also has side effects. The major side effects of tamoxifen are:

weight gain

hot flushes

disturbance of the process of bone mineralization

Less common: drowsiness, depression, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fever, anorexia, skin rash.

The appearance of side effects directly related to the anti-estrogenic effect of tamoxifen.

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