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EnOcean is a wireless radio regularity based, energy harvesting technology utilized primarily in building automation systems. It isn't put down for worldwide, European or nationwide standardization; nonetheless, EnOcean GmbH offers its technology and licenses for the patented features under license in the EnOcean Alliance framework - . The concept was developed to enable sensors that are batteryless switches for building automation. Which will be questionable in terms of power saving because existing alternatives can digest less than 500W per 60 storey tower in automation products.

EnOcean based technologies have now been installed in a few projects that are big while the Abu Dhabi Central marketplace, the Dubai Financial Center...etc.

Reliability of Communication: No, En-Ocean does not offer 2-way communication between the Controller and its particular Modules. Also the Controller is at a star system utilizing the Modules and there is no meshing that is wireless this one-to-one signal mapping can drastically fail in times during the high interference.

Protection of Communication: Yes

Cost: No, En-Ocean prices are more aligned with KNX.

Features and abilities: No. Supported however yet seen in the marketplace.

Investment Protection: Yes

Interoperability: Yes


Among all the above protocols, Z-wave ranks the very best thus far. The effectiveness of Z-wave lies in the top wide range of different products from different manufacturers along with the really robust, 2-way, meshed, and secured communication that is wireless. Z-wave chips additionally eat a 10mW at top and are inexpensive compared to all the alternatives. Why? because Z-wave was originally made for residential applications.

Z-wave is deemed the generation that is next of Home tech and product lines have started to emerge from big players such as for example Honeywell and Schneider Electric. This technology is not just feature complete, reliable and safe, but will be offered at competitive prices and investment protection for jobs of any size you start with specific villas all the solution to large real-estate towers. To date, Z-wave happens to be deployed in several villas into the UAE at an individual scale. Z-wave can also be beginning to make its way through many of the tenders that are large developments through the Emirates.

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