Hair Stylist & Nail Artist

When we talk to beauty professionals, we want to hear their voice for what works, so we can make it even better, and what does not work, so we can eliminate the difficulties. In doing this, we hear recurring messages and themes. People who feel stuck working for someone else instead of for themselves in their own business within the community. A desire to make more money by serving more clients or getting paid more for existing customers. The drive to focus on service in a convenient way instead of spending time on administrative tasks. We hear you. We're working on it. If any of this seems true for you, check us out and see what we have to offer.

Some of the benefits:

  • Eliminate the middle man between you and your own clients. Take your equipment and go where the clients are.
  • Increase your income by taking more of the cut. Our fees as half or less of typical salon split because of lower overhead. Keep the tips you earn, less a small processing fee.
  • Make your own hours by managing your time in a way that works for you and your life situation. You can work as much or as little as you like. If you need time off, take it.
  • Work within your area to build a business. Clients see your availability in real time. Own the relationships so if you do great work, clients trust you and request you again.
  • Wixstar is your support backbone to help you increase sales and facilitate communication so you can focus on doing what you love. We provide the platform and app, as well as marketing and operational support.